workshop4 workshop3 workshop2 workshop1As I learnt how to make pop-up books I shared skills in basic pop-up paper architecture. The Pop Up Pop Up project involved a pop-up assembly line open to the public and hosting workshops with drop in visitors and specific groups. I was happy to see the Building Exploratory Senior Bee’s who I ‘ve worked with through my projects over the last few years.


The Senior BEE’s are a group for older people in Hackney, East London. They meet on Friday mornings to gain a whole new perspective on the built environment through illustrated talks, visits to fascinating buildings, lively guided tours and debates. The Senior BEE’s have become a widely recognised group, who actively participate in shaping their built environment. They have contributed to intergenerational projects with young people, taken part in consultation on development plans for the local authority and talked about this work at conferences and seminars.


Recent workshops with East London Printmakers (May 2015) and OxArch – Oxford Architecture Society (Oct 2015).




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