Wood in many forms proliferates amid demolition sites and as the hoardings surrounding them. Through the Urban Alchemy project I salvage the materials of demolition sites and attempt to put them to creative use through applying traditional printmaking techniques.

The technique here is wood cut on a large scale into reclaimed plywood hoardings printed by a road roller at the Festival of Stuff’s street extravaganza Saturday 27th June 2015 and part ofLondon Festival of Architecture. This is accompanied by a story of wood featured in the Urban Alchemy book.

Through imaginative salvage and experiments in chemical printmaking the wider project Urban Alchemy explores the material stories and processes of urban transformation. My Leverhulme artist residency in UCL Chemistry has allowed for a year of experimentation with and salvage of demolition site materials in a project where creative production and the poetry and politics of place combine with the science, agency and political ecology of materials.


Thank you to UCL Chemistry, Institute of Making, Leverhulme Trust, UCL Estates and Sustainability,  Wilson James, Peak, Scudder, Gilbert Ash, Maylarch, UCL Anthropology, Journal of Material Culture, UCL Urban Lab, East London Printmakers, Joint Faculty of Graduate Studies, UCL Grand Challenge for Sustainable Cities.